Camping in the Agafay Desert with Terre Des Etoiles

We booked our trip with Terres Des Etoiles fairly last minute, per usual, because we were torn between the other Agafay Desert camping options. 

I couldn’t be happier with our choice & our experience. Even if you’re only planning to visit Marrakech, I highly recommend making the time to relax and unwind in this mirage of a resort.

After pulling into the main gates, our expectations were already exceeded. We were greeted by friendly staff as well as the owners and served mint tea and honey at the bar. We were shown around and had a nice chat while taking in the scenery. Meanwhile, the beautiful staff brought our bags to our room which was anything but a simple tent.

This was glamping.

The bed was fit for a king and queen, and that’s exactly what we felt like all weekend.

Within moments of arriving, we found our way to the first of two pools on the grounds. We lounged and read on the rattan chairs while taking in the endless views of the desert. The only sound we heard was the bells on the goats migrating home.

It didn’t take long to wash away the stress from our previous few days in the bustling city of Marrakech.

After cooling off a bit we explored the campgrounds. We were pleasantly surprised that the second pool was even more spectacular than the first. We also found the magical, fruitful and thriving garden supplying the camp with fresh fruits and veggies. Pierre, the owner, is either a wizard, sorcerer or plant-whisperer. Or he just has the greenest thumb on this planet. 

We were thrilled to see that not only was the camp fed by an organic garden but that it was powered by solar as well. “Completely self-sustainable,” as Pierre put it.

When we were hungry for lunch we followed the baskets filled with fresh vegetables from the garden up to the main tent where the staff was well prepared to feed us. After a quick round of chess, we were served with the most beautiful, fresh mezze plate. Creative dishes, artistically presented and sourced from the desert.

Pleasantly full from the wholesome vegan meal we decided to pay a visit to the local camels, horses, donkeys, peacocks, chickens and wild goats.

After doing the rounds we were pleasantly surprised to feel the impending dark clouds open up. Cozy in our tent we read under blankets to the sound of rain on the tent roof and crackling thunder in the distance. Then, without even a nod at its existence, the sun overpowered the unexpected desert rain storm and it was back to clear skies and sandy pink desert hues as usual.

After more pool time and reading we cleaned up and set out to find a crisp afternoon glass of French rose. The bottle was served in a traditional clay pot filled with ice along with olives and bread in true French form.

In continuing with the French theme of our desert camp experience we played a few rounds Boule while the hot pink sun set over the first dune.  

At this point, a second bottle of wine was in order as well as a romantic candlelit meal.

Under the starlit desert sky, we sipped wine and savored every bite of the three-course meal including a traditional veggie Tajine followed by a sweet fruit dessert.

The rest of the evening was spent lying under the stars talking and appreciating exactly where we were in that moment. There wasn’t another planet I would have rather been on.

We woke peacefully the next morning before sunrise and set off for a walk around Terre Des Etoiles’s desert track before the temperature was scheduled to rise.

Upon our return, we were greeted with a fresh Moroccan breakfast spread and from there the day went on just as the previous had.

We could have stayed blissfully in our peaceful oasis in the Agafay Desert for several more days. One night just wasn’t enough.

Insider Tips:

  • I recommend messaging the owner via WhatsApp to organize transportation to and from Marrakech ahead of time. We shopped around quite a bit and found that their services were the most affordable.
  • When we organized transport with Terre Des Etoiles we were offered an early check-in due to the fact that it was their low season, it was a very nice surprise. 

Are you ready to experience the magic of the agafay desert?

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