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Writing Samples

Title: "A Florida Renaissance"
Category: Travel

“While the Sunshine State’s major cities like Miami, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale have always been popular tourist destinations, it’s only recently that Tampa has found itself on the map. Fortunately, unlike the rest of the state, Tampa is greeting the tourist boom by taking a less obvious approach: no tiki huts, no umbrella drinks, no middle-aged men singing Jimmy Buffett.” 

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Title: "How to Prepare Your Home for Airbnb Guests"
Category: Home

“Thanks to the “social economy” and the age of Web 2.0., homeowners are now able to live out their bed & breakfast host fantasies, entertain guests from all around the world and even make money while off on holidays.”

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Title: "Lennar – 2019 Interior Design Trends"
Category: Home
“In addition to coral, we expect to see shades of green to pop-up and pop out. Think emerald green sofas, accent pillows, chaise lounges, vases and of course in the various plants brightening our homes. Designers predict the 1920s Art Deco greens will make a serious comeback in a more modern way.”
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Title: "What are Probiotics and What Do Probiotics Actually Do?"
Category: Health
“Every other week we’re introduced to a new product, buzzword, supplement, cure-all or superfood that will “rid us all of toxins.” As soon as that introduction is made the opinions are fast to follow, and we get burnt out from all the commentary then move on to the next hot topic of health discussion.”
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Title: "The App That Helps Me Save Hundreds While Traveling Abroad"
Category: Travel/Finances
“After three years of continuous travel, I like to think of myself as a savvy nomad. I’ve mastered the art of living out of a suitcase, balancing a hectic work and travel schedule, saving hundreds of dollars on accommodation, and finding cheap flight paths even booking systems don’t pick up. Even still, there was one money drainer I couldn’t seem to hack. It was my kryptonite. The thorn in my side. My biggest pain point: taking cash out abroad.”

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